About us

Based in Budapest, Hungary, Magvető Rights is a literary agency that sells translation rights of about thirty Hungarian authors published by Magvető Publishing. We represent authors who write literary fiction, established and widely translated writers as well as young talents.

Magvető Publishing has been the prime publisher of Hungarian literature for decades. We are proud to be the home of László Krasznahorkai, the only Hungarian winner of the International Man Booker Prize; and Péter Esterházy, holder of countless international awards.

The works of the most prestigious Magvető authors, as well as those of the best writers of the middle generation, are regularly found on bestseller lists and critics’ lists, and sold in tens of thousands of copies. Young writers taken on by Magvető have good reason to feel that they have joined the vanguard of contemporary Hungarian literature.

Magvető Rights List, Spring 2023