GÁBOR VIDA: Where His Soul Is

Vida Gábor - Ahol az ő lelkeIt is 1914, and World War I is just about to break out. Former army officer Sándor Werner decides to leave for the New World to make his fortune. He is planning to take his son Lukács with him, but at the last moment Lukács decides to stay, eventually ending up in Africa where he spends the war years. Father and son meet up again in 1919, both of them poor and disillusioned, in their home town of Kolozsvár, now occupied by the Romanian army. They must both go into hiding – the father because he has a secret mission, the son because he avoided conscription.

What was it like, the world that father and son left, and does it resemble the new world they have returned to? What happened to the women while the men were fighting or in hiding? And why doesn’t the statue of the great Hungarian king step down from its pedestal to intervene in the course of history when the living are helpless, or mess up everything?

Gábor Vida’s novel maps the forgotten or silenced history of Transylvania in the wars before and after the Treaty of Trianon, signed a century ago.

The forgotten history of Transylvania in the wars before and after World War I

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1439 00 7
2019 (2nd edition), hard cover with jacket
288 pages
3699 HUF

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Romanian, Institutul Cultural Roman

Gábor Vida