Iván Sándor: What the Wind Whispers


In the summer of 2016 Z, a writer, sets off from Budapest to revisit places in Europe that were important scenes of his life, as well as of European history. He visits the refugee camp on Lesbos and views the rehearsal of a play on the Acropolis, he ambles along the River Seine, strolls through museums in Paris, and visits the battlefields of Normandy. In Vienna, he walks from the Heldenplatz to the Café Central, and returns to the house where he was born in the Zugló district of Budapest.

On these trips, he is accompanied by a variety of people: in Paris, his companion is a Hungarian-born musicologist; in Greece, a young stage film director; in Budapest, a passionate historian; and, everywhere and above all, Lil, his life’s companion.

Through his characters’ lives, Iván Sándor’s book encompasses the history of the twentieth century and beyond, up to our own times, reminding us how easily we forget. As major artists – painters, composers and writers – are evoked, artists who were driven by the desire to understand the world, we also get a glimpse of a life rich in experience and love.

A cultural and historical stroll through Europe, from the refugee camp on Lesbos to the museums of Paris

Product details
ISBN 978 963 14 3993 9

2020, paperback
160 pages, 2999 HUF