How can we dodge wasting time chatting on the street with someone we barely know? What should we do if we don’t like a present we have been given? Why does the barber always cut our hair shorter than we want?

Perhaps Socrates was right to say that the unexamined life is not worth living. But while Socrates was asking about the big questions of life, Boldizsár Fehér is preoccupied rather with its small questions: the everyday awkwardnesses and social situations in which we constantly find ourselves but which we would all love to avoid.

Boldizsár Fehér’s absurdist humorous sketches depict situations in which people defy the unwritten rules of polite society and with their unvarnished reactions drive their fellows mad. No Big Deal is a kind of inverted, tongue-in-cheek book of etiquette illuminating the many barriers, some big, some small, that we have to negotiate in the course of our daily lives.

It is an indisputable fact that acquaintances have long existed amongst us. That prompts the question: why haven’t encounters with familiar life forms so far received as much attention as we have devoted to encounters with alien life forms?

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ISBN 978 963 1441 76 5
2022, paperback with flaps
224 pages, 125×30 mm
3499 HUF

Boldizsár Fehér