horvarth_viktor_mobionHaving found salvation, Satan returns to Heaven. We see the world of humankind through his eyes. In this philosophical horror story with a splash of sci-fi and computer games, the priest-king of the Empire of External Power suspects that something terrible has happened to him, but cannot remember what it was. Everything points to the Empire’s very existence being under threat. An inquiry is set up to find out what has happened, while the reader has the creeping impression that the Empire of External Power is Hell, and its high priest is Satan – making him the protagonist and the narrator of the novel. It transpires that the high priest has gone under cover to the territory of his archenemy, the Empire of Internal Power, to give up the battle against salvation, and put an end to the ravings of his ego, unbalanced as it is by constant rebellion. A variation of an ancient myth, the story has a futuristic setting, and is speckled with adventure, battles, and love, but encapsulates a theological problem whose ultimate stake is Humankind. The title Moebion comes from the strip named af ter its inventor, Professor Möbius, and refers to infinity.

Satan gets bored of Hell, and wants back to Heaven

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1430 78 3
2015, hard cover with jacket
166 pages, 235×280 mm
4990 HUF


Viktor Horváth