Szilárd Rubin (1927-2010)

Born in Budapest in 1927, Szilárd Rubin lost his mother at the age of ten. His father and other members of his family died by violence. Rubin’s first book, Playing Chicken was published in 1963. Although it went against the expectations of socialist realism, some of his contemporaries immediately realized its value, with writer Miklós Szentkuthy calling the book a “true-blooded, modern Werther.” Playing Chicken was rediscovered in the 1990s. Rubin wrote five books, two of which earned him a late, but worldwide recognition: his unique and concise writing, mixing sentimentality with cruel self-examination has been compared to works of Marcel Proust, William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald. Rubin died in 2010 in Tapolca, Hungary after a long illness.


NOÉMI KISS: Thin Angels


kiis_noemi_sovany-cimterv-4-veglegesHow does a woman arrive at the point of killing her husband? Is her failure due to her body, her marriage or history? Why does she want a child at all costs? And why does society stigmatize her if she doesn’t manage to have one?

We are in the Hungary of the 1980s, in the midst of goulash communism. A forty-year-old teacher, Lívia is waiting for the sentence of the court in a hospital where she lies as she had a heart attack after killing her husband. She is trying to piece together the mosaics of her life: how she met her husband, a well-known sportsman she had been in love with as a teenager; how they struggled to have a child and how they gave up; how they lived through the period of the regime change; and how they realized that they cannot escape each other.

Noémi Kiss’s novel breaks the silence around such taboos as infertility, the cumbersome procedure of adoption and child abuse.

A mother: not me.

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ISBN 978 963 14 3254 1
2015, hard cover with jacket
296 pages, 123×184 mm
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German, Europa Verlag
North Macedonian, ILI-ILI

Complete German text and English excerpt available

Noémi Kiss


JOHANNA BODOR: Never Mind, I’ll Get It Eventually


bodor_nembajmajdmegertemAn extraordinary, upsetting and profoundly honest story about communist Romania in the 1980s, this book is the memoir of a young girl and a witness account of a dark era. She is only 18, and she wants to become a ballet dancer. As Romanian citizens of Hungarian nationality, her family has a plan: she enters into a sham marriage with a Hungarian, and her parents will soon follow her to Hungary and relative freedom. Due to an unexpected turn of events, her parents make it to Hungary first, and she stays in Romania all on her own, confronted with Ceauşescu’s state bureaucracy. This, then, will be her life setting for the following year when some of the most important events of her young life are about to take place: her ballet exam, her final year in secondary school. And the effective liquidation of all their former life in Romania.

A real ”Everyday Life in a Dictatorship for Dummies”

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ISBN 978 963 1431 70 4
2016, hard cover with jacket
224 pages, 135×197 mm
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Polish, Świat Książki

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Johanna Bodor


CENTAURI: Jacob’s Rod


centauri-jakobSan Francisco in the 1890s. A young man has had enough of the oppressive world of the family household and a society that offers little to him, and chooses a life of adventure and experience. Wandering around on land and sea, encountering love and passion, he finally grows into an adult. This novel invites the reader to join the protagonist on a magic journey to the unpredictable landscapes of human nature. It is a kaleidoscope-like narrative that can be read as a Bildungsroman, a novel of adventure, or a love story. Though at times the events and characters evoke the life of Jack London, this book is not about the American writer but about how to become Jack London.

Finding love and adventure in the footsteps of Jack London

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ISBN 978 963 1432 44 2
2016, hard cover with jacket
564 pages, 120×197 mm
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