GYÖRGY SPIRÓ: Spring Collection


spiro_tavaszitarlatSpring Collection by one of Hungary’s most renowned authors, György Spiró, is a Kafkaesque novel about an ordinary man in the Hungary of the 1950s, a ‘good communist’, an idealist who believes in the Party, suddenly finding himself the target of ridiculous accusations which nonetheless and gradually almost ruin his whole life in this era of dictatorship. Spiró’s genius consists in translating the essence of a dictatorial regime into a perfectly normal, everyday story. The reader, together with the Everyman protagonist of the novel, spirals helplessly deeper and deeper downwards, drawn in by the uncompassionate, relentless entity that is the dictatorial regime of the 1950s in Hungary. Together with the protagonist, we experience, even if we do not necessarily understand the absurd logic of, the mechanisms of absolute power. It is a frightening representation of how utterly incidental absolute power can be in crushing the individual, without even noticing it.

A Kafkaesque novel on absolute power and the individual

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1428 41 4
2010, hard cover with jacket
288 pages, 134×185 mm
2990 HUF

Rights sold
Spanish, Acantilado
Catalan, Quaderns Crema
Italian, Guanda
Finnish, Avain
German, Nischen Verlag
Slovak, Kalligram
Bulgarian, Gutenberg Publishing
Turkish, Dedalus Publishing
Serbian, Sezam Book
French, Galaade Éditions
Polish, Czytelnik

English and French excerpts, complete German, Slovak, Italian, Spanish and Polish translations available


György Spiró