Noémi Szécsi

szecsi_n_THC5075v1_c_szilagyi_l_webis a versatile author who has published two blog books (a journal of an expectant mother and the ‘memoir of a baby’), a collection of essays, and three nonfiction books about the private life of ladies in fin-de-siècle Budapest, in addition to her novels: Finno-Ugrian Vampire (2002, about a young vampire who does not want to suck blood and has literary ambitions; published also in English, Polish and Italian), Communist Monte Cristo (2006, European Union Prize for Literature, 2009), The Last Centaur (2009, “snapshots of Budapest’s permanent hangover after the change of regime”), The Restless (2011, about 19th century Hungarian exiles and table-turning), 7 Mandrake Street (2012, a children’s book), and Mindreader (2013, a novel about the life of deaf people in the 19th century). Szécsi is a recipient of the European Union Prize for Literature (2009) and the Attila József Prize (2011).

Photo © Lenke Szilágyi

You Are All the Same
A Communist Monte Cristo