RÓBERT MILBACHER: The Betrothed of the Virgin Mary


milbacher-szuz_maria_jegyeseIn a village somewhere in Hungary, a place where everything that can happen to a human being does in fact happen, Józsika Bizdó, the eccentric of the village notes down everything that he sees or hears around him into a checked notebook. These stories reveal how gossip, taboo, superstition and the religious beliefs of a village community demonstrate the workings of trauma, amnesia and collective memory. Buoyant, dirty and funny, Milbacher’s prose creates a world not unlike the Macondo of One Hundred Years of Solitude, a model of human communities.

Winner of the Margó Award 2016 for Best First Book of Prose

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1433 84 5
2016, hard cover with jacket
272 pages, 125×197 mm
2990 HUF


Róbert Milbacher