ANNA T. SZABÓ: Crash Test

Short stories

szabo_t_anna_torestesztThe characters in these stories are men and women who live here and now, among us. In Anna T. Szabó’s condensed, highly charged prose, characters give monologues – and sometimes engage in dialogues – that capture moments in which the essence of a life or of a relationship comes to light. The elevator man in a hospital is seen as Charon, the Ferryman of the Dead; a tired working mother sleeps through a bank robbery; disillusioned with flesh-and-blood relationships, people opt for silicon companions. In her first prose volume, eminent poet Anna T. Szabó writes mercilessly yet at the same time empathically about the loneliness and the heart-rending cold war of couples, about resignation, secret desires and people’s struggle for external and inner beauty, with some hope glimmering here and there.

 How much can a relationship take? Can you possess someone without breaking them? A body is fragile. A body is strong. “Yesterday was the first day for six years when I felt that I wanted something. But if wanting something is like this, then I prefer not to as it feels like being split, from my throat to between my legs.”

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ISBN 978 963 14 3436 1
2016, hard cover with jacket
248 pages, 123 × 184 mm
2990 HUF

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Slovak, Zelený kocúr


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