Réka Mán-Várhegyi


Réka Mán-Várhegyi (1979) spent her childhood in Târgu Mureș, Romania, and now lives in Budapest, working as editor at a children’s book publisher. Her first collection of short stories, Boldogtalanság az Auróra-telepen (Unhappiness at the Aurora Housing Estate, 2014) was hailed as a surprisingly mature first volume. Besides that collection and her novel Mágneshegy (Magnet Hill, 2018), Mán-Várhegyi has several children’s books and a book for young adults to her name. She is a recipient of the Tibor Déry Prize (2018) and the European Union Prize for Literature (2019).

Photo © Gábor Valuska

Unhappiness at the Aurora Housing Estate
Magnet Hill
Sketch for Something Else