JOHANNA BODOR: Never Mind, I’ll Get It Eventually


bodor_nembajmajdmegertemAn extraordinary, upsetting and profoundly honest story about communist Romania in the 1980s, this book is the memoir of a young girl and a witness account of a dark era. She is only 18, and she wants to become a ballet dancer. As Romanian citizens of Hungarian nationality, her family has a plan: she enters into a sham marriage with a Hungarian, and her parents will soon follow her to Hungary and relative freedom. Due to an unexpected turn of events, her parents make it to Hungary first, and she stays in Romania all on her own, confronted with Ceauşescu’s state bureaucracy. This, then, will be her life setting for the following year when some of the most important events of her young life are about to take place: her ballet exam, her final year in secondary school. And the effective liquidation of all their former life in Romania.

A real ”Everyday Life in a Dictatorship for Dummies”

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1431 70 4
2016, hard cover with jacket
224 pages, 135×197 mm
2990 HUF

Rights sold
Polish, Świat Książki

German excerpts available


Johanna Bodor