Marianna D. Birnbaum


A literary and cultural historian of Hungarian origin, Marianna D. Birnbaum is a Research Professor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and frequent visiting professor and examiner of the CEU, Budapest. In her research, Birnbaum focuses on the arts and cultures dominating Renaissance and modern Central Europe and on the social function and cultural contributions of Jews in Europe, and in the Ottoman Empire, after 1492. Her works include The Long Journey of Gracia Mendes (CEU Press, 2003, originally published in English, also published in Turkish, Portuguese, Hungarian and Croatian); Esterházy, Konrád, Spiró Jeruzsálemben (Magvető, 2010, published in German by Nischen Verlag, 2010); Az évek iszkolása. Esterházy Péter és Marianna D. Birnbaum beszélget (Magvető, 2015, published in German by Hanser Verlag, 2017); Esterházy-kalauz. Marianna D. Birnbaum beszélget Esterházy Péterrel (Magvető, 1991, revised and extended edition: A próza iskolája, Magvető, 2017); Láthatatlan történetek (Magvető, 2018).

Untold Tales of Love and Shame