TIBOR NOÉ KISS: Get Some Sleep 

Kiss Tibor Noé - Aludnod kellene

A run-down poultry farm, which has seen far better days, sometime in the recent past, in Hungary. It is a place where some people have been left behind. Their personalities slowly disappear, like a haematoma. They’re not even on the map. The past is an amnesiac. The present is blind. But what might happen to them on the fringes? Quite a lot. Tibor Noé Kiss’s talent as a short story writer scours and lights up this borderland like some subtle, invisible drone. From the mosaic pieces of Get Some Sleep emerges a novel of stasis, its detailed, atmospheric prose accurately describing the desperate patterns of behaviour of passive structures and vegetative forms of existence, and the ultimate struggles of human beings, with a cruel clarity and an unrelenting irony that sometimes swerves into melancholy.

Pink knickers on the ground. On the knickers teddy-bears, bunnies and fawns sleep. The knickers fell out of a sports bag. She won’t be coming back for them.


Product details
ISBN 978 963 1431 73 5
2014, hard cover with jacket
144 pages, 125×197 mm
2690 HUF


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