BENEDEK TOTTH: The War After the War to End All Wars


totth_b_utolso_utani_haboru-40Benedek Totth’s new novel is a post-apocalyptic adventure story about a young boy who sets off with a wounded American paratrooper to find his younger brother who may or may not be dead. The unnamed narrator of the story is hiding with his friends in a shelter in a city that had been bombed to ruin in a war between Russian partisans and American commandos. Life in that city is an endless series of brutal suffering, torture and death, until the boy meets a wounded American paratrooper. In that world, there are no allies, only enemies, yet when bombs start to fall again, the boy realizes that he has a chance to survive only if he hooks up with the American soldier. So he decides to save him.

Will they manage to get out of the city? What is awaiting them outside the borders? What will keep them alive when everything has been destroyed?

Benedek Totth’s new book is likely to become as successful as his first, Dead Heat, which became a true-blooded cult novel and was awarded the Margó Prize in 2015. The War After the War to End All Wars is a coming-of-age story, a war adventure story, and the vision about total war of a generation brought up in peacetime.

The dead are not interested in the living.”

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1435 368
2017, paperback
260 pages, 125×197 mm
3499 HUF

Rights sold
French, Actes Sud
Bulgarian, Ergo


Benedek Totth