potozky-elesA novel that defines a generation, strong in tone, and drenched in blood. The narrator is a young man, a university student in present-day Transylvania who maps out for us his life and his personal psychology. The only thing he can latch onto is pain, and the tiger stripes he scores into his own thighs with nail scissors. His girlfriend is a student too, and for some time now she has been making money from prostitution – not for fun, or out of curiosity, but out of genuine necessity, so she can pay for her lodgings and studies. Where exactly they slip up, where they slide from being penniless students into actual crime, how they clamber out of it, and what happens next – these are the questions answered, or deliberately left open, by László Potozky.

The best analgesic is pain itself

Twenty-somethings in Transylvania today – to stay or to leave?

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ISBN 978 963 1429 07 7
2015, hard cover with jacket
240 pages, 125×197 mm
2990 HUF


László Potozky