megyekIn a dusty village in the Great Hungarian Plain, Daru, nearly a teenager, is fighting for his position as gang leader, for his self-respect and his love – in other words, for his life. As Daru makes his way through the maze of emotional trails, past and future, in every relationship he loses something of himself, and dies a little. This way, he comes of age. Although the wounds and scabs multiply, and his heart becomes thick-skinned, he eventually finds love in a mature relationship. How better to tell someone’s life story than through the story of their loves? As we explore Daru’s story, we are reminded of our own bitter-sweet moments and years.

I hate to cut off their wings… But if they have wings, they will fly.

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1431 76 6
2016, hard cover with jacket,
312 pages, 125×197 mm
3490 HUF

Rights sold
Turkish, Alakarga
Russian, KompasGuide
Arabic, Fawasel


Krisztián Grecsó