rakovszky_celiaZsuzsa Rakovszk y ’s new novel is an unusual family novel about the lack of family, the lack of meaning, and about patterns transmitted from generation to generation. Decades after the event the narrator of the novel, Adam, a man in his 40s who fails to grow up, learns that his casual acquaintance, Zsani, has a daughter who may be his daughter as well. That is how twenty-year-old Celia enters his life. While he is trying to help Celia as a father, Adam is inevitably faced with his own immaturity. Rakovszky depicts her characters with gentle irony and empathy – Adam, the drif ting intellectual who is unable to take responsibility or commit himself to anything or anyone; Zsani, Celia’s mother, whose extreme concept of freedom leaves her daughter insecure; Niki, Ádám’s beautiful and extremely dumb student whose dream is to get into a reality show; and Celia, who ends up in a religious sect. Written in Rakovszky’s signature style, Celia is sensitive and lucid, eminently readable, and full of precise snapshots of the society and mediatized environment of Hungary in the beginning of the 21st century.

A family novel without a family

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1435 245
2017, hard cover with jacket
312 pages, 140×215 mm
3699 HUF

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Zsuzsa Rakovszky