ALIZ MOSONYI: Auntie Alice’s Little Book of Good Manners

mosonyi_a_illemtan‘You should, you shouldn’t!’ How difficult it is for a small child to guess what they are and aren’t supposed to do! If something’s interesting, fun, and makes you laugh, you usually shouldn’t do it; if you’re supposed to do something, it’s incredibly boring. Aliz Mosonyi’s book of etiquette conjures up the old world of children, and the ancient world of adults—though in fact, it is about us. It is an adaptation of a popular, hundred-year-old children’s etiquette book, to which Aliz Mosonyi has added amusing texts for today’s children. She teaches us to wash our hands, blow our nose, greet people, be kind to guests, behave properly at a set table, listen to the teacher, etc., and makes us laugh at those who dry their hands on the curtain, crawl under the table to hide from guests, quarrel, pinch and bite—or simply don’t know how to be bored politely. With the marvellous drawings of the famous French book illustrator Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1850–1913).

How to be bored politely? A very funny self-help book for kids and parents.

For children age 4 and older

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1425 36 9
2006, hard cover
48 pages, 240×210 mm
1990 HUF

Files of illustrations are handed over free of charge

English excerpt available


Aliz Mosonyi