ALIZ MOSONYI: Shop Stories

Illustrated by József Pintér

mosonyi_a_boltosmesek-b1Eighty-one stories about shops that never existed. Though children will love these fairytales because of their absurdity and gentle humour, perhaps they are more for young people who have just begun to face the hurdles and trials of life: love, friendship, confidence, mourning, faithfulness, betrayal, deception, villainy, vanity, and old age. Written in an unmistakable style, with a quick, powerful rhythm and dramaturgy, these stories are perhaps best defined as ‘lyrical grotesque.’ The stories feature shopkeepers and customers, young and old lovers, a miserable shop assistant, devils, a wise doctor, a nasty baker, a talking dog, a shouting dragon, the ghost of a sugar lump, cakes, guardian angels, books, stamps, dolls, buttons, vegetable stews and many more. Shop Stories has been reprinted several times since its publication.

For readers ages 6 to 99

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1420 98 2
2002, hard cover with jacket
88 pages, 125×177 mm
1490 HUF

Rights sold
French, L’Ecole des Loisirs
Russian, Vremja
Bulgarian, Panorama

English excerpt available

Aliz Mosonyi

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