ALIZ MOSONYI: Stories of the Old Miss and her Car

with illustrations by Zsuzsi Medve

mosonyi_aliz_autosmesek‘Once upon a time there was a car. The car belonged to the Old Miss, and it was shiny and clean inside and out, because Miss liked things to be tidy and clean, and she liked her old car too.’ This is how Aliz Mosonyi’s latest stories start—for young and old, drivers and pedestrians, travellers and armchair explorers. You’ll come across drive-in cinemas, a postal worker, a queen, a porcelain dog and a real one, and everything else the Old Miss encounters on journeys in her old car.

Aliz Mosonyi’s gentle humour is loved by children and adults alike. We recommend the car stories for children aged 3 and over. They could also be an excellent introduction to independent reading for beginners of five or six years old.

For children ages 3 to 6

…these few pages are perfect for a bedtime story, for tired parents, for little ones who want to laugh, travel, and have adventures, and Zsuzsi Medve’s drawings with their colours and scents make them even more lifelike.” Magyar Narancs

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1432 98 5
2015, hard cover
64 pages, 240×210 mm
2990 HUF

English excerpts available


Aliz Mosonyi