ANNA SZABÓ T.: Nobody’s Bird

with illustrations by Kinga Rofusz

A short novel combining the Japanese and the Hungarian fairy tale worlds

szabo-t-anna_senki_madaraFirst love lasts forever. It bears you aloft, reshapes you, teaches you about others and yourself. But what happens if the person we love has a secret? What if they don’t want to belong to us completely? If they sacrifice themselves for us, but at the same time retain their freedom? Anna Szabó T. (her Japanese name: Kyoko) tells the stor y of love between a sensitive Hungarian boy and a mysterious Japanese girl painter, based on an Eastern legend, showing both the timeless idyll of teenage love and the everyday struggle of being an artist. This book is for everyone who is not afraid of the power of an embrace, and who is willing to learn the lesson: if you love a bird, be the sky, not a cage.

For readers age 12 and older
Published jointly with Vivandra Publishers

If you love a bird, be the sky, not a cage.”

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1432 63 3
Publisher: Vivandra and Magvető
2015, hard cover with jacket
56 pages, 160×230 mm
2990 HUF

Complete English text, translated by George Szirtes, available


Anna Szabó T