Illustrated by Bíbor Timkó

toth_krisztina_felhomesek_b1What happened to the little bat who wanted to be a bird? How was the little fish cured when his fin was hurt? What do we know about the life of soap bubbles? What can a hundred-year-old man and the king of grass snakes teach us? We will get answers to all these questions and more from Cloud Stories. We will also meet a wonderful little girl, Lili, who is curious, full of ideas and has her heart in the right place. Krisztina Tóth’s new collection was illustrated with magic pictures by Bíbor Timkó.

For readers aged 4 to 100

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1435 16 0
2017, hard cover
56 pages, 210×240 mm
2990 HUF

Rights sold
North Macedonian, ILI-ILI

Selected for the White Raven 2018 catalogue

Krisztina Tóth