KRISZTINA TÓTH: Torchlight Stories

Illustrated by Bíbor Timkó

toth_k_zseblampas_boritoThe counterpart of the author’s Cloud Stories, Torchlight Stories contains five tales, illustrated with Bíbor Timkó’s magical drawings. Krisztina Tóth’s torchlight illuminates various hidden spots and unfamiliar creatures living in the city: for example, the tiny mouse who operates the only traffic light of the city with no electricity, and the secret snowman who lives in Lili’s freezer in summertime. We are introduced to inhabitants of the metro—a huge, friendly centipede and a monster who eats children’s boots—and we get a sneak peek into the nightlife of toys in the kindergarten.

For readers ages 4 to 100

Product details
ISBN 978 963 14 3615 0
2017, hard cover
56 pages, 210 × 240 mm
2990 HUF


Krisztina Tóth