Short stories

toth_krisztina_vonalkodThis is the first work in prose from a remarkable poet. It contains fifteen short stories, each having a subtitle containing the expression line/bar. The narrator of the stories is either a young girl or a young woman, depending on the reader’s interpretation of each story, and some may see her as the same person all the way through. However, every action is seen from a woman’s point of view: childhood acquaintances, school camps, love, children, deceit, and journeys set against the backdrop of the ’socialist’ era towards its close.

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1425 12 3
2006, hard cover with jacket
188 pages, 123×184 mm
2490 HUF

Rights sold
English, Jantar
French, Gallimard
German, Berlin Verlag
Spanish, El Nadir
Bulgarian, Ergo
Czech, Fra
Czech, Tympanum (audio book)
Finnish, Avain
Serbian, B92
Polish, Książkowe Klimaty
Arabic, NCCAL Kuwait

English and Italian excerpts, complete German and French text available