A novel in short stories

toth_krisztina_pixelIn her highly anticipated second book of short stories after the successful Barcode Krisztina Tóth goes further and further in exploring the invisible threads that connect relatives and strangers alike, determining our lives in dramatic, comic or tragic ways without us being aware of it. Each one of the thirty chapters can be read as an individual short story, telling tales of love, loss, failed attempts at communication or self-determination, in a snapshot that reveals a decisive moment in someone’s life when his or her destiny is forever changed – or the moment when it is decided that it is never, ever going to change…

The invisible threads that connect relatives and strangers

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1433 86 9
2011, hard cover with jacket
168 pages, 123×184 mm
2490 HUF

Rights sold
English, Seagull Books
German, Nischen Verlag

Macedonian, Ili-Ili
Slovenian, Lud Literatura
Polish, Studio Emka
Turkish, Dedalus
Swedish, Tranan
Italian, Edizioni ETS
Slovak, Phoenix
Chinese, CITIC Press
Estonian, Loomingu Raamatukogu
Spanish, Acantilado

Krisztina Tóth