PÁL ZÁVADA: Natural Light

Novel, 632 pages with b&w photos, 2014

zavada_termeszetes_feny_webPál Závada’s magnum opus is a novel about World War II, as well as the years leading up to it and following it. The story narrates the life of inhabitants of a large Slovak- populated village in Hungary, at home and in various locations in Central and Eastern Europe. Amid a multitude of characters, the story of two families stands out. Though the children of the former judge and those of the Jewish photographer grew up together, their lives take very different turns. In Natural Light the reader is swept along by existing, lost, and even imagined photos, letters, diaries and fictitious work-camp reports, and confronted with the everyday experience of the war. Meanwhile, some become perpetrators, others victims.

Product details
ISBN 978 963 14 3169 8
2014, hard cover with jacket,
632 pages, 145×225 mm
6990 HUF

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Pál Závada