PÁL ZÁVADA: Our Alien Body


zavada_idegentestunkThe novel is set in a photographer’s studio in September 1940, at a gathering of relatives, friends and lovers, all linked by the single figure of the hostess, Janka Weiner – her cousin who works in a fashion boutique, her seminarian brother, a military attaché, a young poet, a reporter, girlfriends, and journalists. Some of these people have German, others Hungarian or Jewish roots, others are less simple to define. They are simultaneously enthralled by news of regained territory, lost in World War I, and shocked by the newly introduced race laws. Where have they come from, and what will become of them when the war is over?

Product details
ISBN 978 963 14 2653 3
2008, hard cover with jacket,
390 pages, 123×184 mm
2990 HUF


Pál Závada