’Every home is a different story,’ says the narrator of one of the sixteen short stories in White Wolf while looking for her own childhood home. Every unhappy home is unhappy in its own way – and so are the stories in Tóth’s new volume, in which the writer’s voice is darker and more radical than ever.

These are stories of trauma, oppression, submission, exclusion, stigma and violence. Many of them tell of painful secrets: childhood abuses, unpunished crimes, lost children – suffering that goes without punishment, apology and forgiveness.

‘I try to come to terms with the injustice and cruelty of this world with profound humility and try to understand the motivation of the perpetrators with compassion,’ Krisztina Tóth said in an interview. Her mostly nameless heroes are everywhere around us, stepping into the same elevator, running behind us on the staircase. Many of them are so wounded or tormented that they behave in strange ways. As ever, Tóth observes these people with her rare sensitivity and attentiveness to detail.

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ISBN 978 963 1438 54 3
2019, hard cover with jacket
132 pages, 3499 HUF

“The secret, like some indestructible bacterium, was gnawing away at and destroying the bodies of every one of them, including her own.”

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Krisztina Tóth

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