EDINA SZVOREN: There Is None, Nor Let There Be

Short stories

Edina Szvoren’s stories contain a lot of dry humour, yet at the same time they sizzle, as she reveals the drama in the minutiae of human relationships. When describing Szvoren’s literary world, reviewers have brought up the names of two radically different predecessors: the analytical prose of Péter Nádas and the graceful giant of grotesque, Péter Hajnóczy. The stories of There Is None, Nor Let There Be will convince the reader that Szvoren is a mature author with a unique storytelling voice. The family, which is both the centre stage and model of our lives, stands firmly in the middle of the stories, regardless of whether we are struggling on that stage or are just on the outside looking in. (European Prize for Literature Anthology, 2015)

Product details
ISBN 978 963 1438 92 5
2019, hard cover with jacket
176 pages, 3299 HUF

Rights sold
Croatian, Naklada Ljevak
Italian, Mimesis
Dutch, De Geus
Macedonian, TRI Publishing Centre
Polish, Książkowe Klimaty
Serbian, Sezam
Slovenian, Beletrina
Turkish, Kalem

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